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In central Okinawa in Kin town are the smaller sub-villages of Igei and Yaka. Both are centrally located and sit right along Kin Bay on the east coast of the island. Though they have nice beaches, they missed out on the tourism business as most of the big resort hotels chose to build on the West coast so guests could take romantic walks along the beaches and take in the glorious sunsets.

The East coast of Okinawa is where you'll find all of the blue collar types that make the island work. If it's not some sort of industry, it's either farming or fishing. Igei and Kin are no different.

The warm climate allows farmers to get in two or more crops in a single year. Since farming isn't as sexy as working at one of the posh resorts, the people who work the fields are often elderly. This woman, as well as her companions just off camera were all easily well into her 70's.

They didn't work at a break neck pace but none the less, they brought in the harvest in a timely manner. Everyone worked together and seemed to enjoy themselves all the while they worked. Maybe this is the real reason they live so long.

This photo is just one of many that I'll have on display at the Camp Foster Library during the month of March. If you're on Okinawa and have access to the base, feel free to check it out...

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