Saturday, March 6, 2010


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Here's a photo I took that's not necessarily artistic but, I really liked for the colors and the contrasts. A better way would have been to catch the old woman riding her three wheel bike toward me or into the picture rather than away.

But she was so cute I couldn't just throw it away. She had to be in her late 80's and had just finished working a hot day in the fields. She filled up the basket of her bike and was taking home just enough for her personal use.

Though I prefer to put out pictures that are just what I saw through the view finder, I decided to experiment with this one a little. I don't own photoshop software, the curse of being a retiree on a budget but GIMP is a freeware program that offeres many of the same abilities to manipulate images.

I played with the Artistic features, using first a function called "cubism" and then "oilify" to give this photograph a painting like appearence.

I think in the future I'll still prefer to stick with photos that look great period, This is displayed to give viewers an idea of what they can do with images that are OK but for whatever reason, you just can't throw away.

This photo was taken in the Igei rice fields of Kin Town, Okinawa Japan using a Sony Cybershot DSC H-7.

By the way, Tege pronounced "tay-gay" means to take it easy, don't sweat the small stuff. Perhaps that is just one reason, if not the main reason, that Okinawan's stay so spry well into their "Golden Years!"

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