Friday, April 2, 2010

Up to Their Iris's in it

Up to Their Iris's in it
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The northwest coast of Okinawa is largely rural. Here the bluffs drop off steeply into the East China Sea. The main highway hugs the coastline and arable land is scarce. Along the way the cliff sides open up at the mouths of the small streams that empty into the sea and hidden behind the steep hillsides are small valleys dotted with postage stamp sized plots of farmland. With temperate climate year round, flowers are a main cash crop.

With tourism being a major industry for the island as a whole, entrepreneurial farmers in this village have found a way to make a little money on both ends of the deal. By inviting tourists by the busload to tour their farms right before their harvest, they have found a way to increase their potential return on investment. Locals also take the opportunity to not only sell the flowers direct but also offer a variety of their wares.

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