Saturday, June 4, 2011

Boys will be Boys : Hot Fun in the Summer Time

The old saying that boys will be boys is true no matter where you go in the world!
We went out with our cameras to Hamahiga Jima where I had photographed some shaman priestesses in the act a few years before. There's a ceremony that takes place in June of the lunar calendar that I wanted to verify the dates on. I could get the information I needed from a plaque that is "erected," not to be confused with that "twit" of a congressman with the most appropriate last name form New York, near the site where it all takes place.
 As we crossed the bridge heading out to the island, we spotted an Osprey circling overhead. I was suprised to see one still on the island and my partner on this trip reminded me that I had recently posted that they had all migrated to cooler waters.
 We also noticed a group of young boys camped out on the far end of the bridge. At first we paid them no mind but after taking a few shots of the ceremonial spot and losing a few pints of blood to a swarm of mosquitoes, we stopped at a small park, grabbed a cold drink from the machines and set up our cameras in a covered spot near the bridge's footings.
 It wasn't too long after that that my partner, who is practically stone deaf, heard birds chirping so loudly right behind us that even he was able to notice. I'll be posting that on my other blog later in the week but he has a few shots available on his blog right (HERE)
That's when the boys we saw earlier started doing what boys do best, cause trouble and play daredevil games.
Unfortunately boys grow up and some of them, probably the ones who in their younger years were the worst of the bunch, do their level best to keep us all from doing really stupid shit!

Not to worry, this didn't stop the boys from being boys. As soon as the squad car was out of sight, they resumed their fun and everyone kept their cool.

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  1. A friend of mine grew up in Okinawa and said that he used to ride his moped to the ocean on his way to school, and jump in the ocean with his school uniform on, and then go off to school. He said by the time he got there, the heat and wind had dried him off.

    I don't remember a story about a bridge though.