Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gone Fishing

Here's a couple of shots left over from our last trip to Mina Jima as documented on my other blog. These were taken as our ferry was leaving Motobu port.

I think that this old man on the outer edge of the break had the right idea. First of all, it probably didn't cost him anything to get where he wanted to go and my guess is his morning was a whole lot more productive than our little trip.
I took this second picture just as he got a hit on his line. Unfortunately the fish got off the hook before he could get it up to put in his cooler. My guess is he got enough for his lunch before heading home.

On a side note, Ryukyu Mike informed me yesterday that on one little side trip down the beach, Ryukyu Rusty found a turtle's nest. Based on the tracks still visible in the sand, the eggs were probably laid the night before. I hear that he and his main squeeze will be heading out that way in a few weeks to see if there are any new sea turtles added to the local population. Lets hope his observations are right.

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