Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Umi Budo - Sea Grapes - Okinawa Photo

Umi Budo or Sea Grapes are grown in abundance in Okinawa's subtropical waters.They look just like miniature grapes hence the name "umi" Japanese for sea and "budo" for grape. They're available at local fish markets, super markets or just about anywhere that sells fresh food. 

Typically served fresh as a side dish and dipped in soy sauce or as a salad garnish. They are a bit salty to the taste, as one might expect from something that comes from the ocean but, they're also very refreshing to the pallet as they pop when you bite into them.

Okinawan locals swear they are an excellent source of vitamin C. At least that's what the wife tells me. Of course, according to her, everything in Okinawa is a source of vitamin this or that. In truth, I don't think she really knows what, if anything that it or anything else is good for. Like most folks, she just takes in what she hears and repeats it as the gospel.

I guess that's typical for most folks these days and exactly why I don't trust what I see, hear or read in the news. You know how it goes, one week drinking more than one cup of coffee a month will kill you and two weeks later there is some new "supposedly" scientific study that says it cures everything from AIDS to Zits!

As for me, I don't know what Umi Budo are good for. I do know that I like them in my salad. I also remember an old saying from my days in the service that goes, "That which doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger!" Another is from John Maynard Keynes who said, "In the long run, we're all dead!" 

Whatever, if you have a chance, go out and try some Umi-budo. I don't know if they will kill you or cure you but, I do know that I like em! What's life if you don't go out and live it?!


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