Saturday, September 3, 2011

Terrorists on Okinawa

There’s an awful lot of talk around the globe about the problem of terrorists in this country or that. Fortunately in Okinawa, we don’t have a lot of religious fanatics who strap bombs to women and children and tell them to go up to the nearest foreigner and blow themselves up.

Instead, the terrorist we have here clog up our highways with their rent-a-cars, pay outrageous sums of money to stay at an overpriced beach resort, throw away outlandish sums of money for local, made-in-China, trinkets, drink up our home brewed Orion Beer and Awamori Sake, eat all of our healthy cuisine and then leave.

That being the case, I think the rest of the world could learn a lesson or two from the Okinawans. To all terrorists, please come and visit, spend all of your money, have a good time and then leave.

We recently got a good look at some of the last batch of terrorists to visit our little jewel of the pacific in action and even got them on film, albeit digital film. It was during a recent trip to Manza Mo to get some photos of the Twin Jizo’s at the Elephant's Nose.
Manza Mo and the "Zoe no Hanna" or "Elephant's Nose"

I don’t know about you, but by the looks of these terrorists, I hope they come back and bring a few of their friends with them next time. It’ll be good for the local economy.
 If they ever need someone to frisk them for bombs, I'll volunteer my services!

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  1. Elephant's Nose looks like a very holey place! (Did you get it--"holey" instead of "holy?" Oh yeah, I can really crack myself up at times.)