Monday, November 21, 2011

Clacker Dancers

Clacker Dancers by graffkeith
Clacker Dancers, a photo by graffkeith on Flickr.

These dancers make their subtle moves and clack the wooden clackers in their hands to the rhythm of the music. The gal in the front of this formation seemed to be enjoying herself the most so that's why I composed this photo the way I did.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Goin fishin

Goin fishin by graffkeith
Goin fishin, a photo by graffkeith on Flickr.
Three local boys head out to their favorite fishing hole on a bright sunny morning. Even though it was late November, one of them couldn't resist getting his feet wet.

This shot is taken from Highway 58 on the north end of Nago City near the turn off for Yagami and Kouri Jima. This spot is one of the shallow outlets from Okinawa's inland sea.

The tide is half in and it looks as though these lads know a spot where the big ones lay in wait!

I couldn't resist the opportunity to get their reflections on the water or the wonderful colors this morning.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Riding the Zo-no-Hana

Riding the Zo-no-Hana by graffkeith
Riding the Zo-no-Hana, a photo by graffkeith on Flickr.
I've taken literally hundreds of photos of the "Zo-no-Hana" or Elephant's nose at Manzamo park but most don't give the viewer the proper scale of just how big this natural rock formation really is.

I just happened to time it right as what appears to be a local walking to the edge and checking out the conditions.

Through the years, I've seen many people out on the point but just out of view from this angle who have found pretty good fishing success from these bluffs overlooking the East China Sea.

My contribution to Travel Photo Thursday for 9 Nov 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mihara "Beach" Horse Club

Mihara "Beach" Horse Club by graffkeith
Mihara "Beach" Horse Club, a photo by graffkeith on Flickr.

A few years back I was working as a "Stringer" for Stripes Okinawa. That was a fun gig till they hired an editor who chopped the stories to hell, got the directions to the various tourist traps (my beat) that I wrote about and generally screwed up what had been a fun job that paid a decent wage for a story.

One of the places we covered was a place called the Mihara Horse Club. The story goes that one day a fellow was asked to pick out a horse as a gift. The giver of the gift asked "Which one would you like to eat?" He picked one and took it home.

Unfortunately he had daughters and of course like all girls, they admire and love horses and would never think of eating one for dinner.

Eventually he built a stable and little by little, added to the stable and the number of horses he owned. Eventually they started a riding club. because of it's proximity to one of the U.S. bases, many of his customers are Americans

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Living on the Ledge

Living on the Ledge by graffkeith
Living on the Ledge, a photo by graffkeith on Flickr.
I took this little photo while out at Zanpa Misaki (Cape Zanpa) one cool and clear winter's day. I saw that this guy had the perfect fishing spot on that ledge. what made it perfect in my mind was that he probably didn't need to worry about his line getting snagged in the coral below as he reeled in a big one.

I knew that this tug was approaching so after snapping a few quick pics of him just enjoying the sun on a beautiful winter's day, I waited patiently for it to pass and get this photo. My desire was to make it look as though he hooked a "really" big one.

Mr. & Mrs. Kijimuna

Mr. & Mrs. Kijimuna by graffkeith
Mr. & Mrs. Kijimuna, a photo by graffkeith on Flickr.
Kinjimuna is a elfin like creature that is a mainstay of Okinawan mythology. He loves to fish more than anything else and can get quite attached to anyone who he befriends. So much so that the only way to get rid of him is to fart in his general direction or throw octopus at him. Here he's posing with the misses.