Saturday, November 12, 2011

Goin fishin

Goin fishin by graffkeith
Goin fishin, a photo by graffkeith on Flickr.
Three local boys head out to their favorite fishing hole on a bright sunny morning. Even though it was late November, one of them couldn't resist getting his feet wet.

This shot is taken from Highway 58 on the north end of Nago City near the turn off for Yagami and Kouri Jima. This spot is one of the shallow outlets from Okinawa's inland sea.

The tide is half in and it looks as though these lads know a spot where the big ones lay in wait!

I couldn't resist the opportunity to get their reflections on the water or the wonderful colors this morning.

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  1. Man, looks like a great day for the camera up your way, today. Wish I'd have been there !