Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mihara "Beach" Horse Club

Mihara "Beach" Horse Club by graffkeith
Mihara "Beach" Horse Club, a photo by graffkeith on Flickr.

A few years back I was working as a "Stringer" for Stripes Okinawa. That was a fun gig till they hired an editor who chopped the stories to hell, got the directions to the various tourist traps (my beat) that I wrote about and generally screwed up what had been a fun job that paid a decent wage for a story.

One of the places we covered was a place called the Mihara Horse Club. The story goes that one day a fellow was asked to pick out a horse as a gift. The giver of the gift asked "Which one would you like to eat?" He picked one and took it home.

Unfortunately he had daughters and of course like all girls, they admire and love horses and would never think of eating one for dinner.

Eventually he built a stable and little by little, added to the stable and the number of horses he owned. Eventually they started a riding club. because of it's proximity to one of the U.S. bases, many of his customers are Americans

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