Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Riding the Zo-no-Hana

Riding the Zo-no-Hana by graffkeith
Riding the Zo-no-Hana, a photo by graffkeith on Flickr.
I've taken literally hundreds of photos of the "Zo-no-Hana" or Elephant's nose at Manzamo park but most don't give the viewer the proper scale of just how big this natural rock formation really is.

I just happened to time it right as what appears to be a local walking to the edge and checking out the conditions.

Through the years, I've seen many people out on the point but just out of view from this angle who have found pretty good fishing success from these bluffs overlooking the East China Sea.

My contribution to Travel Photo Thursday for 9 Nov 2011


  1. Nice shot of an interesting rock formation. Looks a bit risky walking out there. Is it - or do looks deceive?

  2. Amazing rock formation. Glad you got a shot with the person in it -- really does help to show the scale.

  3. Love this! Being able to envision the size makes it even more interesting.

  4. Sophie,

    I'm scared to death of heights so you won't ever see me out there but, that area is roped off so tourists don't wander out there unless they're just plain foolish. Local fishermen are out there all the time so it must be fairly safe.

  5. Amazing shot, Doc! And it does look like an elephant. Nature is so magnificent.

  6. InsideJourney,

    Yes it is isn't it! There's another formation that looks very much like an alligator chasing a turtle that I keep meaning to get. Now maybe I will!

  7. Scenery shots always look cluttered with anyone in the frame but sometimes you need them to show sense of scale for sure.
    Very interesting formation Doc!