Monday, April 16, 2012

Little Hut on the Island

I was just reading about this old dude living naked out on one of the outer islands. There's a video linked (here) and it reminded me that just last week, Ryukyu Mike and I were out on Ikei Jima just off the Katsuren peninsula a week ago where we found this little clearing with a bunch reconstructions of period huts from Okinawa's really early days, like just shortly after they came out of the caves.
Mike found a video that some military folks stationed here shot of the place and posted on YouTube. I'm linking it (here) if you want to check it out and just in case you wanted to show the folks in your family too. I figure by linking it direct, you won't accidentally go to that YouPorn site by mistake and get embarrassed when your kids or in-laws see it.

Now if you watch that video closely, you'll see when they show the building without the roof on it, there are some rusty bolts holding the logs onto the stone foundation. For those of you without degrees in anthropology or archeology, that's a dead giveaway that these are not really ruins but a reconstruction of them. Something tells me they didn't have lag bolts way back then. That is as long as old Sherman and Mr. Peabody didn't go ahead and give them some during one of their trips through the ages in that old "Way Back" machine thingy they used to use.

On another matter, I had been out on this island exploring for the better part of the last seven years and never noticed this place. I guess it's true that if you want to find something, hide it in plain sight. What I had been doing wrong was going around the edges of the island and scoping out the beaches looking for something interesting to see, like young shima gals running around in thong bikinis or something like that. Instead, I shoulda went straight to the middle of the island because this place is surrounded by all the little farmers fields right smack dab in the middle of it all.

Anyway, what does this have to do with some old dude living in the buff out on one of the outlying islands? Well, he said in that video linked in the first paragraph that he had a typhoon make his life miserable for a year as it took away all his shade. Then I remembered that visit out to Ikei island from the week prior and figured that the old dude needs to build himself one of these. It sure would be a whole lot nicer than the flimsy tents he's using.

Peace out...

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