Monday, June 4, 2012

Natsukawa Rimi Concert in Naha

Had the chance to see this little lady (and I mean little) in concert this last Saturday evening and all I can say in amazement is how did such a little gal get such a big voice? Fantastic concert with a nice mix of new work and old classics. She says she's an "Ame Onna" or rain girl noting that on the previous two occasions that she came to Naha that Typhoons followed her. Being true to her word, Typhoon Mawar hit us (brushed by) in the wee hours of Monday morning. Like Ms Natsugawa, Mawar was a small storm but unlike our Rimi-chan, Mawar didn't pack anywhere near the punch she does! Unfortunately they didn't allow cameras in the concert hall but fortunately they do have some performances of her work on YouTube. That being the case, here's a couple of videos of her for you to enjoy.