Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Peace through Pork!

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I think Anthony Bourdain would agree, if it comes from a pig, it’s got to be good! Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with that statement and in my humble opinion, that’s the trouble these days, everybody and their brother is too busy trying to tell everybody else what to do. So much so that they forget to take care of what they themselves should or need to be doing!

For example, take a look at snobbish old out of touch elitist know-it-all mayor Bloomberg who announced that he wants to ban all the supersized drinks in New York City! First of all, it’s bad enough what they’ve done to demonize tobacco (an admittedly bad for you yet perfectly legal product). Dude, don’t you have enough to do just to keep the streets free of crime and the sanitation people from striking? Leave the people be, please! They're smarter than you think and I think they can figure it out on their own if you'll just let them!
(The god of Pork)

Anyway, if I were the mayor of anywhere in nearby New Jersey, I’d be cheering that worthless piece of excrement on and making sure that every watering hole and convenience store in my city was stocking up oversized cups. I’d be doing everything to make sure that his loss was my gain! That’s because I know that every bit of elitist bull$#!+ he does to hurt himself is good for me and my community. Given the low estimation that most people have of Northeastern New Jersey, every little bit helps.
(Waste not want not, we like to suck face too)

In Okinawa, where I now live, many people up in mainland Japan used to have a low estimation of the people here and they even had a very low opinion of the local cuisine. You see Japanese cuisine is thought to be refined and gourmet whereas Okinawan cuisine is seen as for street food that's barely fit for the masses. That was until recently when a couple of guys (scientists) from Canada took a good long hard look at it and wrote a couple of best-selling books about what the Okinawan Diet, food culture can do to improve your lot in life. They figured that it had something to do with why the Okinawan people live so long. In fact, the Okinawan people live longer than anyone else on the planet.
(The "Pork for dummies" version)

So by now you have to be asking yourselves, just what in the heck does all this have to do with Anthony Bourdain, pork, Okinawa and stupid politicians? Well, stupid politicians will always be with us. Worse yet is the stupid people who vote for them but, now I digress. Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations fame loves pork and Pork is the mainstay of the Okinawan diet. Since the Okinawan people love longer than anyone else on the planet, perhaps it’s high time we started listening to them and stopped listening to idiots like Mayor Boobjob or Barak Insane Obama! 
(Ever heard of Joe Camel, meet Joe Cool?)
Here’s an idea, let’s all chip in and send Mahmood Akmidoolijad and Bibi Nutinjobhu the two middle east nut jobs that wanna start WWIII a couple of hams for the holidays! Maybe we’ll all live a little longer as a result…
 (Pictures are all from the "Heiwa Dori" or "Peace Street" Market in downtown Naha, Okinawa)


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    Peace Peace Pork.

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